GPT Mastery News 7/6/23

Good day, friends.  Some items of note to AI marketers:

Meta Threads is exploding

Meta’s new Threads app, a Twitter competitor, is growing like crazy since its release. People seem to be impressed with it. The shape of advertising and marketing on this new network is not clear yet, but it has people’s attention. A keen marketer will find opportunity there.

The Threads app is available in the app stores now, and will import your Instagram account if you let it. Note that the desktop site for Threads is, not They don’t have a web interface yet, only ads for the app.

Say more with Threads — Instagram’s new text app.

A Word of Caution Regarding Trade in OpenAI Accounts

On a number of sites vendors are selling OpenAI API accounts. You will see them advertised as “threshold” accounts.  What the sellers do is sign up an account, put a credit card on it to get OpenAI to raise their usage limits (e.g. $20, $120, $500), sell the account, the buyer then uses up all the capacity and discards the account, leaving OpenAI with an unpaid bill.

This may be very effective, but I would caution against it.  It is a type of theft that won’t be ignored indefinitely.

Think about it. OpenAI is the artificial intelligence company with the world’s current top model. They built it from masses of scraped data. They most likely have highly accurate digital fingerprints available to them for their customers. It may be the wild west of growth now, but there will come a time not too far off when OpenAI starts focusing on revenues rather than solely on growth and innovation. If you get on their shitlist, you may be locked out of the best tool in your arsenal. Proceed with caution, beware of scams.

If you haven’t tried GPT Mastery! we encourage you to do so. The basic prompt engineering concepts within will help you get a sense of what is and isn’t possible and understand how to get more than generic responses from ChatGPT. A new version is coming in August, which as always will be sent to existing customers.

D.D., GPT Mastery Team

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