GPT Mastery News 7/21/23

OpenAI Releases ChatGPT Custom Instructions Feature

For users of ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI’s paid ChatGPT tier, access has been opened to a new beta feature called custom instructions. It serves as an enhanced memory for the AI. You could, for example, put all the details of your business or affiliate program in the custom instructions, and then when you reference it while chatting with GPT it will understand and be able to generate correct information for you. Here’s a write-up I did on one of our sister sites, The Servitor:

How to Use ChatGPT Custom Instructions
OpenAI’s ChatGPT has a new “Custom Instructions” beta feature, available to ChatGPT Plus users as of Friday

Meta Releases LLaMA 2 Open-Source Model

Meta has released LLAMA 2, a model thought to be generally comparable to GPT-3 or perhaps 3.5-turbo.  It’s of note to marketers because this model is available freely for commercial use (with some terms – you can’t use it for porn, malware, or other objectionable content).  In theory, this is a model you could run at home, giving you a completely private GPT that can be trained on any task. It could also be integrated into programs or services programmatically. This is a powerful tool to put in the hands of your developers if you are in the business of product creation.

Llama 2 – Meta AI
Llama 2 — The next generation of our open source large language model, available for free for research and commercial use.



GPT Mastery Team

If you haven’t tried GPT Mastery! we encourage you to do so. The basic prompt engineering concepts within will help you get a sense of what is and isn’t possible and understand how to get more than generic responses from ChatGPT. A new version is coming in August, which as always will be sent to existing customers.

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