GPT Mastery News 7/5/23

Hello everyone, a few tidbits from around the AI world:

New Super AGI version released

For those of you more technically inclined, SuperAGI, an autonomous agent framework similar to AutoGPT but more advanced, has released a new version.

I have not personally been able to get reliable results from past versions, but it is an interesting tool and worth exploring.

GPT Mastery!
All of ChatGPT’s Secrets…

If you haven’t tried GPT Mastery! we encourage you to do so. The basic prompt engineering concepts within will help you get a sense of what is and isn’t possible and understand how to get more than generic responses from ChatGPT. A new version is coming in August, which as always will be sent to existing customers. moves closer to release of rumored “near-AGI” has a waiting list for their new AI. I suggest signing up so that you can have a peek when they get around to it. This is a team including former OpenAI and Google researchers, and their product may prove valuable, much in the same way GPT-4 API access is currently relatively limited and desirable.

Adept: Useful General Intelligence
Adept is an ML research and product lab building general intelligence by enabling humans and computers to work together creatively.

I hope this news finds you all well and inspired. Have a pleasant day.

D.D., GPT Mastery Team

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